Armstrong Ladders

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15.00 LBS

The World Leader in Boarding Ladder Design

and Safety

  • Easy to climb ... even with scuba fins

  • Easy access to the boat while in the water or on the trailer
  • Easy to remove and stow.
  • It floats!

Fixed Ladders

The original center pole ladder remains

the market leader in marine ladder

design. Our simple rugged design

provides ease of use and durability.


Swing Ladders

The swing design prevents damage due

to "taking off" with ladder left down. 

Ladder conveniently locks in the up position.

Simple detachment from the swing mount

allows for quick and easy storage.



Product Warranty: If you are unhappy for any reason with a Birdsall Product, return it to us prepaid, within 30 days in its original conditin for an exchange or refund.