Hard Top Rod Rack V2

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30.00 LBS

1. The first measurement needed is the camber of the top from side to side. For the first measurment place a 4ft. straight edge across the top surface and hold the straight edge so both end gaps are the same and record this measurement. Fig 3. this should be done int he area where the mounting brackets will be located. Note the location of the mounting brackets will be up to the customer refer to Fig 2. for sample location.

2. The next measurment we will need is the rear curvature of the top. For this measurement place the 4ft straight edge across teh rear of the top as shown in Fig 4. and record this measurement.

3. The third measurement will be the distance from the centerline of the center mounting bracket to the centerline of the outside mounting bracket.

4. The Fourth measurment will be the amount of offset from the center pad to the outside pads Fig 2.

5. The next measurement will be the distance from the center of the outside pad to the top rear edge of the top. Fig 2.

6. Approximate width of the top Fig 4.

7. Number of rod holders. ( Note: Spacing of Rod Holders is usually 8-10"