Super Dock Table XL

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65.00 LBS

"Super Dock Table XL " is the ultimate fish cleaning station 53" x 24"


We have had customers ask for a larger version of our highly popular "Dock Mount Fish Cleaning Table" so we are giving you what your asking for the "Super Dock Table XL". The cutting surface is built of 3/4" self-draining polymer deck. Its base is constructed from welded marine grade anodized aluminum for years of service. It mounts directly to your deck and is angled so that the back of the unit extends over the water, allowing easy drainage and cleanup. Takes up only 6" of dock space. The overall deck height is 39.5". Includes a accessory board that will accomodate knifes, pliers, drink, and hose holder.

Overall Dimensions

  • Height 41"
  • Width  54"
  • Depth 24"