Woody Wax

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1.00 LBS

When wax is applied to your decks and flat glass with a soft deck brush, it places a non-slick wax finish that will keep everything from sticking. Dirt, soot, bird droppings, and even fish blood will rinse right off! Easy to apply, no rubbing or buffing.


Woody Wax Fiberglass and Non-skid Deck Wax:

This time saving wax when applied to your decks and flat glass with a soft deck brush, places a non-slick wax finish that will keep everything from sticking. Dirt, soot, bird droppings, and even fish blood will rinse right off!

With applications lasting two months, this concentrated wax will protect your decks and fiberglass from the deteriorating affects of the sun, oxidation, water spots, and pollution, without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Fiberglass And Non-Skid Deck Instructions:

    1. Wash the boat and leave the deck wet.


    1. Spray Woody Wax on to a soft deck brush and brush onto the the deck. As it hits the water, it will begin to bead and run towards the rear of the boat. Only respray the brush when you see it stop coming off the brush and apply to entire deck (or entire boat if desired). Use caution as decks and fiberglass will become slick until the surface is rinsed.


    1. After appyling to entire area go back to the point you startes and rebrush the area just to be sure all the water is off. This rebrush spreads out any remaining water and evaporates it quickly, and also insures an even coat of wax over the entire area. (It should be dry of water and it will look and feel different than it did with the water on the deck). This rebrush is usually very quick and you shouldn't have to add anymore Woody Wax unless your gel coat was extremely weathered.


    1. Starting at the bow, rinse the area you standing on (if in bare feet you will feel the deck go from a little slick to very stiff under foot). At this point, work your way to the stern rinsing in front of you so your feet don't reapply the wax to the areas already rinsed.


  1. After rinsing entire area and allowing a few minutes for most of the water to run off, use cotton towels to dry the boat (you are actually buffing a light film of hard wax as you dry with the towels) as the towels get wet. I usually ring them and throw a couple on the deck and just with my feet I can buff and dry the nonskid.

You will find washing becomes more like rinsing as nothing sticks to your deck, even dried fish blood comes off with just water. Your boat will no longer have to go through the maintenance roller coaster of detailing and deteriorating, (waxing every three months). With the swipe of a deck brush it will be 100% waxed all of the time.

If you care about the appearance and condition of the boat you worked hard for, you will appreciate the effectiveness of this simple to use hard working product!

"A Little Woody Goes A Long Way":

Don't use too much Woody Wax when applying to fiberglass. When applying to fiberglass, 10-12 trigger pulls will do the non-skid on a 25-30 foot center console - approximately 1 ounce (costing approximately $1.50 per application).

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